Virtual PBX

VoIP in Tenerife – A Virtual PBX provides a professional, feature rich and efficient phone system that saves money for your business.

Improved Customer Service

With the use of Time Conditions, Interactive Attendants, Call Routing and Call Queues, a virtual phone system allows you to offer an improved experience for your customers.

Save on your Phone Bill

A Virtual PBX system uses SIP trunks meaning you can have multiple numbers on a single phone line saving you the cost of expensive phone lines. With the use of VoIP technology your phone calls will be a fraction of the price.

Work from anywhere

The ability to connect your phone numbers to a desk Phone, or on your iPhone or Android device you can take your extension anywhere. You will be able to make business calls from anywhere, whether it be an office in Tenerife or an office in UK.

Built-in Features

Business Features

Calling Queues
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Time Conditions
Unlimited extensions
Conference Facilities
Ring Groups
Music on Hold
Find Me / Follow Me Calling
Wake Up Calls
Fax to E-mail
Text to Speech

Calling Features

Three-Way Calling Support
Voicemail to E-mail
Caller ID Support
Call Transfer
Call Recording
Do Not Disturb
Call Waiting
Call History/Call Detail Records
Speed Dials
Caller Blacklisting
Call Screening

Features Explained

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

With DID, a telephone number can be assigned a specific destination (extension/queue etc). This connects the caller straight to the person/dept they need, saving the time and inconvenience of transferring calls.

Interactive Voice Response

Allow callers to choose their destinations based on options presented through voice recordings. An efficient way to direct calls to their destination, removing the need to answer every call and manually transfer the call to a destination.

Call Queues

Call Queues are an indispensable component of a business telephone system. They allow calls to be queued whilst agents are on calls, instead of calls going unanswered, the call is queued until an agent is available.

Call Recording

Call recordings can help a business in three ways, Training of Employees, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Compliance. The ability to listen back to any call can be a real benefit.

Voicemail / to Email

Every extension can enable a voicemail which can be retrieved on the phone or automatically email an audio recording of the voicemail to your email inbox.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms allow individuals to dial a telephone number from anywhere and be joined in a group where they can all communicate with each other.

Free calls to remote offices

Any phone/app that connects to the PBX is classed as an Internal Extension. Calls between extensions are totally free even if in different offices or countries.

Call Reporting

A report of all incoming and outgoing calls through your PBX. You can see if a call was actually made, answered, busy, or not answered. If a call was made, the recording can be listened to via the report.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups are used to create a single extension number that your users can dial in order to ring multiple extensions at the same. Perfect when needing to call a team/dept.


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